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Albert Pujols Foundation


The Pasta House Co. is excited to partner with a hometown hero, Albert Pujols, #5 St. Louis Cardinal Baseball Player and his foundation, The Pujols Family Foundation.  

Together we are making a difference by inviting EACH guest to donate .55 on their guest check to The Pujols Family Foundation! In addition, The Pasta House Co. will donate $105 to the Pujols Family Foundation when Albert Pujols hits a homerun during the 2022 Baseball Season! 


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The Pasta House Co. is proud to partner with GiftAMeal to help fight hunger locally!

Our guests can simply take a picture of our delicious food and GiftAMeal will then donate money to Operation Food Search. Each donation covers the cost of distributing 1.2 lb. of healthy groceries to a neighborhood pantry where those in need can access for free.